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These FAQs aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the professional services offered by ABACO. If you have further inquiries or require additional information, please feel free to contact us.

We conduct a monthly review of company records to determine input and output VAT, file monthly VAT returns, and address any FIRS queries on behalf of the client.

We provide comprehensive services, including tax planning, computation of annual income tax, education tax, and capital allowances. We also handle annual returns, reconcile tax liabilities, and assist in obtaining the Company Tax Clearance Certificate.

Our services include monthly filing of PAYE and Withholding taxes, computation of PAYE Tax, filing of annual returns, transaction reviews, resolution of tax queries, and the procurement of staff and corporate Tax Clearance Certificates.

Our Bookkeeping service involves meticulous tracking and maintenance of a company’s financial records, including revenue and spending.

Cash Flow Forecasting, utilizing the latest technology, helps businesses foresee their cash flow, preventing financial surprises and aiding in strategic planning.

We offer operational support to assess current practices, implement new systems, and build processes for optimal financial operations, providing a roadmap for businesses to reach targeted goals.

Internal Control Management focuses on implementing and maintaining effective controls within an organization to mitigate risks.

Our Stocktake Exercise service involves the systematic counting and verification of a company’s inventory, providing accurate insights for financial management.

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